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South Sudan Urges Youth To Desist From “Tribal Politics”

By Joe Odaby  
Juba — July 18, 2013 (SSN) … The South Sudan National Ministry of Culture, Youth and
Sports has urged politicians to desist from tribal politics and think positively towards nation building.
South Sudan Minister Cirino Hiteng Ofuho warned the country will not go ahead if leaders continue with tribal politics and games that threaten cultural diversity of the country.
In a meeting with the British Ambassador Dr. Alastair McPhail the minister said that the killings happening in Jonglei state are to a larger extend as a result of such bad games that “only serve personal interest”.
Hiteng also urges authorities at the Ministry of General Education and other government institutions to devote special attention to Jonglei in order to create awareness among the communities especially the warring youth from Lou Nuer and Murle communities which he said is threating peace and security in Jongolei state and South Sudan in general.
“You can not reconciled people who don’t understand one another unless it is done through education”, the minister told the British ambassador. South Sudan has over 60 languages and tribes with Juba Arabic as the linkage between them.
Hiteng further pledges to setup cultural centers in the ten states to bridge the cultural differences of languages.